What Is a Punch List?

Punch ListA punch list is a document that is often created to list key milestones in construction, especially right before the project is finished. A punch list can also go by many other names, such as the deficiency list, snag list, or punch-out list. 

This list is usually made by the owner, contractor, architect, or any other stakeholder during the final tour and visual inspection of the property. 

The punch list spells out work that has not been completed correctly, or does not conform to the contract specifications. It typically includes repairs, alterations, and unaddressed items that need to be finished before the final payment will be released.

What Does a Punch List Include?

It often includes items such as:

  • Issues with the interior and/or exterior of the property, such as holes in the drywall
  • Mechanical problems with appliances, plumbing, and other systems
  • Unsatisfactory or incomplete work with cabinets, walls, flooring, or paint
  • Damage caused during the construction process 
  • Items that need to be removed, such as equipment, tools, and trash

The punch list is a crucial checklist that ensures that the contractor and customer are on the same page and the work is completed to satisfaction. 

What Does the Punch List Serve to Achieve?

Ultimately, the goal of the punch list is to eliminate all issues before the property is sold. After every item is attended to and fully resolved, the owner of the property and the contractor will determine that all of the work is completed, and the property is safe and fully functional. 

It is a good idea for all stakeholders to be involved in the punch list process. That way, all of the parties know what will be done and have documentation to support their agreement.

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