Panama City Water Mitigation Services

Natural flooding, pipe bursts, and roof leaks can lead to quite a bit of water damage. MBC Construction’s water mitigation services are professional, fast, and efficient to get your home or office back into working and living condition. Regardless of the source of your water damage, we can address the damages and make your home or office like new.

Natural Flooding

When your home floods due to natural flooding, a good portion of it can be affected. Flooring may need to be repaired or replaced, walls may need to be replaced, and paint or wallpaper may need to be fixed. At MBC Construction, our master craftsmen will be able to assess the problem areas, ensure no moisture or mold is left behind, and make all repairs as good as new.

Pipe Bursts

When you have plumbing issues that cause water damage in your home, the results can be devastating. You may need to replace cabinets, parts of the floor, or parts of the walls. Our experts will be able to assess the damage and repair your home or office so you will never remember the flooding that occurred. Once your plumber has finished with their repairs, we will take care of the rest.

Roof Leaks

MBC Construction is also an expert in roofing repair and replacement. If you have a roof leak that has caused water damage, we can repair or replace your old roof as well as repair any damage within the home as a result of the leak. Often when roofs leak, ceilings can deteriorate and need to be patched or repaired. You may also get some damage to the flooring or wall, depending on the severity and duration of the leak. Contact us today at 850-640-6421 for more information or to schedule an appointment for water mitigation services.