Taking Advantage of Necessary Water Damage Repairs to Make a Few Upgrades

The recent tropical storms and hurricanes have reminded everyone that water damage is a common occurrence in Florida. If your home has recently sustained water damage, it might be a good opportunity to get some upgrades and renovations you’ve been putting off. Here are a few upgrades you can easily incorporate into your water damage repair project.

Flooring Upgrades

If any room in your home was immersed in water, even just an inch or two, you will likely need to replace the flooring. Carpets will definitely need to be replaced, as well as cheaper flooring materials like linoleum or other synthetic flooring. 

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How Moisture in Your Walls Can Harm Your Family

Did you know that about half of homes have moisture in the walls? Moisture can gather in your walls as a result of plumbing issues or a leaky roof. Sometimes the damage causing the moisture is so minor that you have absolutely no indication that there is moisture gathering in your walls until the problem builds and becomes a severe and visible issue.

Moisture build-up in your walls may cause significant harm to your family. The most commonly known result of moisture in the home is the development of mold. Even people who do not normally have allergies can have allergy symptoms when exposed directly to mold. Breathing mold for a long period of time can lead to serious respiratory illness.

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Three Ways Water Damage Can Harm Your Home and Your Family

Water damage is something that can happen to anyone. It can be caused by flooding from severe storms, burst pipes, plumbing backups, or other sources. While it may seem as though the worst part of water damage is the cleanup, there are actually a lot of ways that water damage can harm your home and family.

Rot and Mold

When water sits on floors and walls for more than a few days, it can seep behind the paint or wall covering into the guts of the wall itself. This can cause drywall and other materials to become extremely weak. If you have a load-bearing wall that gets water damage, you could be putting your safety at risk. In these cases the water damage causes rot and mold that eat away at the boards inside the walls, requiring them to be replaced.

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