Renovating Your Home: Top Kitchen Designs to Consider

Top Kitchen DesignsRenovating Your Home: Top Kitchen Designs to Consider

Are you looking for some kitchen design inspiration? As one of the most-used places in your home, even a small change in your kitchen can provide a new outlook on your space. And a full remodel is a treat that can entirely transform your home.

Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure you have a plan for your space from start to finish. Here are a few top design ideas to consider for your new kitchen.

Open Shelving

Instead of opting for additional bulky kitchen cabinets for more storage, make your space feel inviting and airy by opting for open shelving. Display mugs, cookbooks, wine glasses, and more, or tuck everything away in elegant baskets.

Major Contrast

As a popular trend in kitchen design renovation right now, using intense contrast between countertops and cabinets can prevent your busiest space from looking dull or too monochromatic. 

Granite countertops with gray and light brown accents against cabinets with a rich, dark stain can create striking contrasts. Including a backsplash that incorporates these colors is a great way to tie everything together.

Bold Accents

In just about any kitchen remodeling photo, you’ll see the recurring theme of three large, eye-catching lights hanging over the island. This is the time to play with exciting shapes and colors. 

Because pendant lights are often repeated three times, this artistic accent in your kitchen won’t look out of place. Choose big, bowl-shaped lampshades in an exciting pattern or opt for lantern-like geometric structures. 

Want to enhance the appeal of your kitchen even further? Find an ornate runner rug that accents your lighting!

Embrace the Curve

Kitchen islands don’t have to be utilitarian. Look into an island with long, curving edges. Not only will it give stool-seated guests a little more elbow room, but it will also add a sense of modern movement to your space.

Proper Installation

This one might not be a new trend, but proper installation is the key to the success of your new kitchen design. MBC Capital can help you build your dream kitchen while ensuring every piece is installed correctly and safely. Give us a call today or contact us online for reliable work you’ll admire for years to come.