Preparing for the Rainy Season: Three Things to Do for Your Home

Preparing for the Rainy Season

Summer is over, and the rainy season of fall has begun. Before we get too much rain, it is important to protect your home against the heavy storms that can blanket the area. If your home is in disrepair at the beginning of this season, you are likely to face some major repairs in the future. Here are three things you should do for your home to prepare for the stormy weather.

Preparing for the Rainy Season

Roof Inspection

You should get a roof inspection before the rainy season starts, especially if your roof is over a decade old. A complete inspection of your roof could turn up loose or damaged shingles, holes, or other issues that need to be resolved. Getting these problems taken care of now will keep them from becoming worse throughout the fall and winter. If you do not get the necessary roof repairs before the storms hit, you could be facing more extensive repairs or a complete replacement of your roof later on.

Siding and Windows

You should also check your siding and windows for defects or needed repairs. Faulty siding or gaps around windows can cause your heating bills to skyrocket. These problems can also allow water into your home in the event of a very heavy storm. To prevent water damage to your home and belongings, it is a good idea to check over your siding and windows, as well as the rest of the exterior of your home.

Contact a Qualified Contractor

If you are uncertain whether or not your home is prepared to withstand heavy storms, a qualified contractor can inspect your roof and home to determine what repairs may need to be done. It is also a good idea to have a contractor in mind in case you have damage from the storms.

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