How to Design a Mudroom

A mudroom is an amazing addition to any home. Once you experience one, you’ll instantly understand what makes them such an attractive, although easy, room addition. Mudrooms keep the rest of your home clean while also giving you more organization to maximize your time. Here are some elements to consider when designing one.


Hobbies and sports

If you participate in sports or other activities outside your home, a mudroom can be a lifesaver. Most homes only offer sparse coat or entryway closets that offer a clothing rod and little else. It gives you plenty of organized space for your sports and hobbies. Consider the equipment you have and will need in the future and design cubby holes for everything.

Gardening and home maintenance

If you are a gardener, you have a lot of tools for maintenance and plantings. You can create a bank of pull-out compartments to house anything small and include sturdy hooks to hang bigger tools. These ideas also work for those who do a lot of DIY projects or take care of their own lawns.

Shoe storage

Every household is different when it comes to the types and number of pairs of shoes that need to be stored in the mudroom. Some activities require special shoes, and you probably have a pair of shoes dedicated to household chores and lawn care. 

Prepare for the rainy season.

Florida’s rainy season lasts quite a while, but it isn’t year-round. It’s easy to forget about the things you’ll need if it isn’t raining when you’re doing your planning. You’ll need room for umbrellas, boots, ponchos, and umbrellas for your entire household.


You don’t need jackets that often, except those few cooler months of winter, but having space for them in your mudroom keeps them handy when needed while also giving you a better and permanent place to store them when not in use.

Customize your mudroom for your family.

You can really customize your mudroom to meet the needs of your household. If you need help designing and building the perfect mudroom for your home, contact us today.