Moisture in Your Walls: How It Can Harm Your Family

Moisture in Your Walls Can Harm Your Family

Did you know that about half of homes have moisture in the walls? It can gather in your walls as a result of plumbing issues or a leaky roof. Sometimes the damage caused is so minor that you have absolutely no indication that there is moisture gathering in your walls until the problem builds and becomes a severe and visible issue.

Moisture in Your Walls

Moisture build-up in your walls may cause significant harm to your family. The most commonly known result of moisture in the home is the development of mold. Even people who do not normally have allergies can have allergy symptoms when exposed directly to mold. Breathing mold for a long period of time can lead to serious respiratory illness.

Buildup in your walls can also cause a host of other problems that may harm your family. It attracts certain pests, which can then invade your home. It can also be a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria to be released into your home.

There are more than just health issues that could cause harm to your family. When it accumulates inside the walls, it will rot away the drywall, supports, insulation, wiring, and other materials used to build the home. This can make the home itself unstable and unsafe.

If you are noticing signs that you might have moisture in your walls, we can come take a look and determine if you need to make repairs. Contact us today for more information.