Water Damage Restoration: Do’s and Don’ts

Water damage is one of the most severe problems that can affect your home. Improper and inadequate restoration can lead to long-term consequences like mold or even a compromised structure. 

Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to water damage restoration.

Water Damage MBCDon’t Wait

When you’ve got water coming into your home from any source, you have a serious problem. Water that is left in place can destroy your personal property, along with the structure of your home. It’s important to get the source of the water addressed and mitigation underway right away.

Do Secure the Area

In the case of water damage from burst pipes or other sources within the home, turn off the water supply immediately. Shut down your home’s power, as well. 

If the water is coming in from outside, cover the exposed structure with tarps to prevent more water from entering your home.

Don’t Risk Your Safety

If your home is subject to substantial flooding, there is a significant chance of electrical shock if your power is still on. Don’t take unnecessary risks by entering the home. Wait for the professionals to arrive so that they can help you handle things safely. 

Do Clean Up What You Can

Depending on just how much water is in your home, mopping it up can help. Do what you can after shutting off the water. Remove as many items as you can to a dry location, especially fabric-covered items or wooden furniture.

Don’t Try to Repair Things on Your Own

When disaster strikes and you find your home with significant water damage, partner with a team of professionals that can handle the restoration. Mitigating damage, carrying out repairs, and ensuring your home is safe takes knowledge and experience.

MBC Capital is a full-service contractor that provides water damage restoration services. If you need water damage restoration, contact us now for prompt and professional help.