Your Graduated Teen: Build Them a Unique Space

Build a Unique Space for Your Graduated Teen

The pandemic has disrupted plans for billions of people across the globe, but 2020 high school graduates are definitely one of the more devastated and widespread groups. Your teenager likely got cheated out of their graduation ceremony, or it was far from what they anticipated. College plans are on hold as we wait it out to see if universities will be able to open for the next term. And teens are finding themselves in a position in which they are supposed to be starting their life, but the world is standing still.

Build a Unique Space for Your Graduated Teen

Since your teen probably won’t be going off to college anytime soon and you’ll need to all live together, it could be a great time to do some remodeling of your home. Giving your graduated teen the freedom and space they deserve as an adult will improve your pandemic experience until they can get back to living their lives. Here are some things to consider adding to your teen’s space.

Their own entryway/exit

Your teen should have their own entry and exit into their unique space from the outdoors, without having to go through the main house. This gives them more privacy, which they should have as an adult. It also prevents them from disrupting your sleep or activities by coming and going at odd hours, which many young adults do.

Their own bathroom

Giving your teen their own bathroom can save huge headaches when getting ready in the morning. It can also keep your bathroom from looking like a pig sty or being covered in cosmetics or other personal care items. Their own bathroom also gives them more privacy.

Consider a kitchen corner

Your teen will probably still be eating most of their meals with you, but they do tend to eat quite a bit! Give your teen a little kitchen corner with a toaster, microwave, and maybe a hotplate, as well as a minifridge. With these tools your teen can fix up endless snacks and deserts, all while staying out of your kitchen and without disrupting anyone no matter the hour.

If you have a graduated teen that you need to accommodate, contact us today to get assistance in figuring out the best layout for your remodel.