4 Small Things You Should Not Forget to Include in Your New Home

4 Small Things You Should Not Forget to Include in Your New HomeYour New Home: Don’t Forget These Small Things

Building a new home is exciting. But, before you dive into your wish list, take a moment to double-check the small, yet important things we’ve listed below. Once you have these items checked off the list, you’ll be ready to dream big!

1. Outlets

When you’re dreaming of waterfall countertops and mosaic backsplashes, the last thing you want to do is stop and discuss outlet placement. But, when you are actually living in the space, you’ll be happy you placed these features in a thoughtful way!

In general, you will want outlets by the master bed, in closets, next to vanities, and even in the garage.

2. Closet and Organizational Space

We recommend that you opt to set aside more closet and organizational space than you think you need. Extra built-ins and storage space will keep your home functional and tidy.

3. Large Windows

No home is complete without large windows and natural lighting. In Florida, this is especially important. 

Florida is known for its hot weather, so installing plenty of windows will help you dispel extra heat from the house. Plus, it will give you more opportunities to enjoy your view!

4. Appropriate Drainage

Many Florida homes require a shallow foundation. This is the result of high water tables and close proximity to the ocean. The most common foundations for homes in our area are concrete slabs, which means that drainage will be important.

You won’t want to skimp out on the right solutions for drainage. Foundation problems put your new home at risk and cost thousands of dollars to fix!

Of course, the best way to implement these four features into your design is to work with a local builder. MBC General Contractors has years of experience in Panama City, Florida, and can help you design a beautiful and functional new home. You can reach us by calling (850) 303-6986 today!