Repairing Storm Damage: 3 Reasons Not to Put It Off

Having your home in the path of a major storm can be extremely expensive and stressful. While you will need to contact your insurance right away, it is not wise to put off starting your repairs. Here are three reasons not to put off repairing storm damage.

storm damage

Reduce Chances of More Flooding

If you do not repair storm damage right away, you could experience additional flooding in your home. If another storm comes on the tail of the last, you could experience some additional water damage if you haven’t repaired the original damage. This can cost you even more money and damage your belongings.

Stop Mold Growth

It is extremely important that you address any water damage very promptly. The faster the damage is repaired and the area is dried the less likely you will be to develop mold. Mold can be a minor inconvenience or a major health hazard. The longer you wait to start your storm damage repairs, the worse the mold will become. Once mold begins to spread, it can ruin even more of your walls and floors, even in areas that originally had no storm damage.

Avoid More Damage

If you have had shingles ripped off of your roof, gutters fall off of the house, or siding break loose due to damaging winds, it is a good idea to get these repaired as soon as possible. Any additional high winds will continue to rip off shingles and siding, especially if there is already existing damage and loose pieces. More damage means more cost of repair.

If you have recently had storm damage, it is important to act right away. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an estimate.